When should I stop doing SEO?

There are hundreds of keywords that any website could target and could keep you or an SEO company busy for a very long time, but the question came about as this local client that provides a small service only has so many keywords they could target.

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They put forward that once they are at the top for these keywords they no longer need to do SEO, I went on to explain that it is worth paying a small fee to maintain these rankings which most of us know but even better why not continue working on keywords that you already rank high for. By doing this month by month the gap between you and others continues to grow. Imagine targeting a keyword or 10 for a few years while being sat at the top, any new companies or companies behind you are never going to catch you unless they have a budget to die for.

At the end of the day it is the clients decision, stop paying and if you slip positions start up your SEO campaign again, maintain the positions or continue to build and build making more difficult for the competition to catch you.