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Google every day gets searched by over 200 million people all looking for a service, product on information. This has replaced the old days where people would use yellow pages, newspapers and even directory enquiries, even though 118 118 seem to be doing quite well.

As the younger generations grow with experience and the internet becoming more widely used every day people have started to look for conversations, reviews and posts on services, products, companies before jumping straight in and purchasing from the first website they visit.

This is where social media can help your grow your business through communicating and showing your expertise in your field of work.

If you are an expert in your field people will listen to your advice, they will follow you on twitter, be your friend in Facebook and request to be linked to you through linkedin. There are many social media websites that can help your business grow and sending out information on a regular basis about the products, services you provide will build peoples trust in what you can offer.